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Intensive Treatment for Persistent Breakouts and Red Angry Spots!
TS Spot Plus is a hydrating ampoule formula for spot treatment, relieving sensitized skin fast for lively appearance.

TS Spot Plus treats excessive sebum and dead skin cells for clean skin.
Without the feeling of stickiness or oily appearance, TS Spot Plus neatly removes overactive sebum and dead skin cells and helps keep problem areas clean, moisturized, and healthy.

No need to use your fingers, just tap tap! Portable and hygienic spot care!
The syringe-shaped container is portable, hygienic, and economical.

For spot treatment thatĄŻs proven effective for acne skin Formulated with patented 5„á-Avocuta and Astringentlex with excellent soothing effects, TS Spot Plus controls overactive sebum for clean, healthy skin.

Volume / Price : 12ml / $32.73

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