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ts_women_Soothing Cream

Refreshingly Hydrating Cream without Oiliness!
TS Soothing Cream is instantly absorbed into oily or combination skin without the appearance of oiliness to hydrate skin, balancing oil and water in skin to express fully moisturized skin

Cooling and Soothing Effects for Sensitized Skin!
TS Soothing Cream offers gentle soothing and cooling effects to flushed, red, and sensitive skin due to dryness for a healing feeling.

For the Expression of Fully Hydrated, Moisturized Skin!
The hyaluronic acid and plant-derived moisturizing ingredients in the cream form protective a moisture shield on skin surface and treat skin over time by supplying the needed moisture and nutrients to skin.

Resilience Care that can Erase the Traces of Time on Your Skin! TS Soothing Cream treats uneven skin; its active ingredient, adenosine, which is proven to relieve wrinkles, helps improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, for overall smooth skin texture.

Volume / Price : 50ml / $35.45

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