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TS Essence for Oily Skin
1. For Controlling Excessive Oiliness in Oily Skin
TS Essence neatly controls nasty oiliness for soft, light and airy skin.

2. For Treating Enlarged Pores and Tightening Skin
TS Essence tightens enlarged and loose pores and protects them from the external environment.

TS Essence for Dry Skin (Functional Wrinkle Care Cosmetic)
1. For Preventing Skin Damage due to Lack of Moisture
TS Essence is a customized essence for oily skin that lacks moisture and helps treat damages in skin and rough dead skin cells.

2. For Evening out Uneven Skin Texture due to Dryness
As a Korean FDA-approved skin whitener, adenosine helps improve the appearance of wrinkles in areas lacking resilience for even, smooth skin texture.

Volume / Price : 30ml / $31.82

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