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With Special Care Toner for Oily Skin, Skin Feels Hydrated without any Feeling of Stickiness!
The first skin toner used right after washing your face is absorbed without stickiness while skin feels hydrated and refreshed.

No More Dull and Dead Skin Cells! Say ˇ°Yesˇ± to Baby-soft Skin!
Formulated with all-natural salicylic acid, TS Clarifying Toner gently treats overactive dead skin cells for clean-looking skin.

Overactive Sebum and Pore Care and Tightening Effects for Smoother Skin
TS Clarifying Toner treats excessive discharges of sebum in oily skin and helps tighten enlarged pores for smooth skin texture.

Instant Soothing Care for More Relaxed Skin! TS Clarifying Toner fills skin with moisture, maintains clear skin tone, and gently soothes skin exposed to the environment for long hours.

Volume / Price : 100ml / $29.09

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