about reskin

While RECRE COOPERATION makes something out of nothing based on Entertainment industry, Cosmetics and Skin Care products under brand named RESKIN recently become available to the Korea Market through various Website and own shopping mall and record over 300% increases in sales compared to last year.

Reskin is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics brand which encourages a healthy lifestyle, spiritual abundance, and modern sense. Our organic skincare products are highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin´s self-renewal capability. Major ingredients include herb extracts with a natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil.
Each RESKIN product is rich with active ingredients and essential essences that are laboratory tested for effectiveness.

Reskin´s main mission is to treat each client as an individual by listening with respect and meeting each clientĄ¯s specific needs. Client safety and comfort is always the top priority for coming back to us for more.